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30 April 2007 @ 02:47 pm
It has been too long...  
Too long but never too late to write anything that many people will read anonymously yet only a few can respond with what they feel about. I haven't touched my LJ, it seems, like aeons but about four months more like yet it seemed longer. I don't know how it can feel like a long time and yet the time span doesn't make it any difference.

School is a drag but how else are we to make something of ourselves if we don't receive the proper education in order to become someone in society? Many graduate from school and automatically start to work, but in the long run they may regret the choices they make in not continuing with school; to get that degree that will help them along the way in finding a better job. I know that my major has changed once I left school, but I was thinking about what I can do without thinking about the "I cannot do this" thoughts.

Strange...how when one thinks so deeply upon a matter, it's like they can see their future flash before them; who they are and how they'll live the rest of his or her life without living at home sweet home. Someday I'll make my own place, my own little niche in the world where I can simply let everything go. Perhaps a home along the harbor in some different state where I can listen to the water crash upon the shore; but I must be careful of those rainstorms that bring in the waves. I wouldn't want my home to get destroyed and be taken out to sea. That'd be despair and sorrow, but we must all experience those pains once in a while. Some people experience it all the time.

I've been in pain, physically, emotionally, and internally. No, I'm not dying but the pain hurts once in a while when I least expect it. When it hurts, I feel really emotional and begin to cry or I feel like I need to puke what little I ate. Sometimes I wonder why I was born a girl; so I have to endure that bloody ordeal once every month in order to make babies for the next generation and beyond. But it's who I am, the person who is a part of this world to simply be...

I'm tired, hungry, and ready for some relaxation during the summer. Friends are coming home, I'll shed my tears of happiness and I can catch up with things that are better left talking face to face.

Oh look...I'm crying again.

Damn it.
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